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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome Buddha

I posted this very first blog Photo at exactly 12:12 am (not planned, I might mention); a very auspicious  time as we are currently experiencing the year of the Chinese Water Dragon 2012. This a year for expansion, creativity, and asking ourselves how we can reach beyond our comfort zones. Maybe the dragon has already challenged you in some way this year, asking you to stretch higher, reach further, over-come fears and apply your courage to situations that you might not have imagined that would occur back in 2011, the year of the Rabbit. Remember: the Water Dragon, will ask you to examine your relationship to emotions, and offer you the opportunity to balance and find peace with them. If we continue to cling to negative emotions that no longer serve us or perhaps we have outgrown, instead of flying with the dragon to new heights, we may find ourselves stung by the dragon's tail instead!

This week I'm going to share a photos of 7 Buddhas; One Buddha each day that I currently have at the shop. There are so many expressions, styles and stories that connect to each one, that I felt it might be helpful and educational to feature each one separately. Although it will be difficult to pick just 7, I will do my best to choose the ones you may enjoy the most!

Silver Moon Adornments
This first one I will simply call 'Welcome Buddha' as it is standing on the porch (for the photo) outside the front door of Silver Moon. I will say that it is made out of wood and stands approx 24" high. Tiny mirrors detail the robe's edge and the mysterious smile will entice you to learn more about Buddhas; what they represent, and why they are present in so many dwellings. 
This Buddha is for sale: $68.

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