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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha

'The Blue Buddha' Bronze Collection $38

Do You Have A Medicine Buddha in Your Home?

How to use the Medicine Buddha symbol for good feng shui

The energy of the Medicine Buddha is different from the energy ofKwan Yin, for example, or from the Laughing Buddha. In its essence, the Buddha energy is one - the energy of Light - but there are different paths to reach it.

The Medicine Buddha is, as the name implies, the Healing Buddha. In the traditional paintings (Tibetan thangkas) he is surrounded by various herbs and medicine, with halos of healing energy radiating from his head and body. As Medicine Buddha's vow was to help heal all the sick and the injured, he is often called upon to help eliminate sickness.

Usually portrayed seated with a jar of medicine in his left hand, often blue-colored, the Medicine Buddha's right hand is resting on his knee in the mudra of blessings, with a stem of a healing plant in between his thumb and forefinger.

Sometimes the Medicine Buddha is also called the Blue Buddha, or the Lapis Lazuli Light Buddha. According to the legend, he transformed himself into a radiant blue light Buddha at a large gathering of people, and taught/transmitted the knowledge of healing and medicine. Thus, he is often depicted with blue skin, or holding a blue medicine jar.

The Medicine Buddha mantra has powerful vibrations for healing, both mind and body healing. (The most beautiful Medicine Buddha mantra I found, and the one I loved for a long time without knowing yet what it is, is sung by Deva Premal, listen to her "Teyata".)

1.      Energy of Spiritual Health & Awareness. The Center of your home, the Spiritual Growth & Personal Cultivation bagua area (Northeast) (Knowledge Gua), as well as your personal altar, can also much benefit from the presence of the Medicine Buddha. As all illness ultimately originates in the mind with the so-called three poisons (attachment, hatred and ignorance), it is good to have the Medicine Buddha energy on guard. 

The Spirit of Healing: Stories, Wisdom, and Practices from Native America [Audiobook] [Audio CD]

The Spirit of Healing: Stories, Wisdom, and Practices from Native America

My friend Julie Plummer, lent me this audio learning set. Simply put; it changed my life. Julie works closely with Dr. Lewis Mehl Madrona as he is her referring Psychiatrist for her work with TMS. He has recently moved to Brattleboro, Vermont so I have had the opportunity to speak with him in person. I have learned that the power of our personal stories, our families stories, our communities stories, our ancestors stories and the stories we tell ourselves over and over that effect our sense of health and wellbeing directly. What is the name of your story? Is it keeping you from creating a more empowering story? What will you future story be?

Click here to see a full list of his Coyote Medicine books

 Feng Shui Thought:

In the center of the Feng Shui Bagua Map is the ‘Health Center’ It is represented by the Yin Yang or Tai Chi symbol:

 It represents Health on every Level Physical, emotional, Mental, Spiritual If you are having health issues you may want to correctly locate the Health area of your home and access what is there. A cluttered closet? A bathroom? A woodstove? A stairway? Diagnosing the health of your Health Gua, may help to diagnose your personal health challenges. If your apart,ment or house is irregularly shaped you may need to consult a professional Feng Shui consultant .

Tarot Inspiration:
Major Arcana XIV –
Integration (Temperance)

The coming together of opposites, the fusion of Yin and Yang, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, harmony, the center point of balance. The Major Arcana cards teaches us the Universal principles, Integrity, Trust, Compassion, Intention. As with all tarot cards, they have their positive aspects and shadow aspects, they remind us we always have a choice… choices that will ultimately affect the bigger picture of our lives. Temperance teaches us awareness of our personal responsibility to balance our expression of well-being on all levels, Physical, Emotional, and Mental. When we strive for balance and harmony on a personal level it effects humanity on a larger level and the quality of our interaction with others. What aspects of your Health are out of balance? What  choices can you make or actions can you take to heal them?

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