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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fairies, Angels & Mermaids

Do You Believe In Irish Fairies?

Night of the fairy goddesses
From Ireland, a Midsummer night's dream
By Pip Wilson  
Wilson's Almanac on Night of the fairy goddesses, AinĂ© and Finnen

In Ireland two distinct fairy types exist---the trooping fairies and the solitary fairies. The trooping fairies can be found in merry bans about the hawthorn tree or at feasts in gilded fairy palaces. They delight in company, while the solitary fairies avoid large gatherings, preferring to be left by themselves and separate from one another.
The trooping faeries are the major and presiding residents of fairyland; but the solitary ones (leprechauns, selkies, banshees, merrows, etc...) have greater interest in mortal affairs and therefore are generally more familiar to us.
Fairies exist all over the world. In Ireland they are the 'sidhe' (pronounced shee), a name they have retained from the ancient days.
The trooping faeries are found living in the bushes and circles of stones that crop up all over Ireland--the fairy raths. The fairy raths crop up in pastures all over Ireland, and the farmers never plow them up for fear of disturbing the faires who live there and bringing down some bad luck upon themselves.
The fairies are said to be very beautiful, with long yellow hair and perfect delicate forms. They love milk and honey and drink flower nectar as their fairy wine. The fairies can assume any form and can make horses out of straw. They have the power to affect human life, especially unbaptized children. The fairies also love music, often luring mortals into an eternal dance with their piping and singing.
Some information on this page was taken from "A History of Irish Fairies" by Carolyn White, Copyright 1976, Published by Mercier Press.

"Hi Everyone! Happy Autumn...
Be careful when you're raking the leaves there might be some small Elementals in your garden..."

"My Father's family is Irish. My mother's family is Swedish."
"At Christmas time there were Tomta's,Trolls and Gnomes:
and on St Patrick's Day  we always spoke of the Leprechauns or the Wee Folk.
They were always there... on napkins and table runners on wall hangings and cards, I never doubted for a minute that they existed."


'Bland tomtar och troll' 
'Among Elves and Trolls' 
Swedish folklore and fairy tales

Bland tomtar och troll in English means Among Elves and Trolls and it's a Swedish folklore and fairy tale annual.
"By the edge of the pool and out in the water are soft tussocks covered with brown bear moss and wooly white cotton grass. All is so quiet—not a sound, not a flutter of life, not a trembling breath—all of nature seems to be holding its breath listening, listening with beating heart: soon, soon."
These words, taken from “Leap the Elk and Little Princess Cotton grass” by Helge Kjellin appear in the October 2004 edition this fairy tale annual.

To the right is the contemporary view of a gnome
 [by Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen]. 

While it has some things in common with Tolkien's Dwarves
the concept is actually much  different. 
These beings were considered rather tiny, often 
                    less than a foot in height. They are less frequently associated 
                    with the earth and stone, and often associated with wild 
                    animals and even farmsteads. 

"It wasn't until I was much older that It even occurred to me that not everyone believed in these little other-worldly beings."

Today it is believed that only the uneducated believe in fairies. I don't think this is the case. I think the uneducated would be the only ones to admit to belief in fairies. Anyone else would never admit to your face this belief for fear of ridicule. Secretly many people are careful not to offend the Good People.
Up until the year 1700 virtually everyone in Ireland believed in fairies from royalty down to the rural peasants. Not even the arrival of Christianity in the fifth century could dispel this belief. Old stories were told that included fairies. It was just taken for granted that these stories were all true because it was the natural order of things that they truly were part of the real world.
As the science of the day began to find cures for mankind's aliments belief in Irish fairies began to decline, but not completely. To this day in Ireland some people still practice rituals to appease the Good People even though they may not be aware of what they are doing. On May morning some people collect flowers especially primroses to spread around their doors and windows. This is done to keep out the malevolent fairies. They may or may not know why they do this. They would never admit to you or me why they do this.
A friend of mine from here in the U.S recently visited a town in Co. Kerry, Ireland. On display were some fairy houses where some fairies are suppose to currently live. A local told her that the "real" fairies don't live there, the display is just for the tourists. She wouldn't tell my friend where the fairies really lived, that has to be kept secret.
Milk, salt, and fire are sacred in fairy lore. I remember as a child being told by my mother to throw spilled salt over my shoulder. I wonder if this was to give the fairies their share, I would be willing to bet that it was. This most likely has been handed down through the family, but the reason behind it has been lost. After all you should just know why you are throwing salt over your shoulder, shouldn’t you? It's the natural order of things.
There might be things done in your family to appease the Good People that you may not be aware of. So I ask again. Do you believe in fairies?

"There was always the Straw Swedish Horse wrapped with 

red the stories go, the fairies make them..

Now you know why all of this seems normal to me... 

and perhaps why I feel compelled to have them for sale at

Silver Moon Adornments... a reminder... just in case 

you'd forgotten... or your parents had neglected to tell you

that they existed at all!

Fairy riding Unicorn

11.5"    $42

Fairy on Glass Ball
6.5"   $32

Fairy Riding Red Dragon
9"   $36

Fairy Jewelry Plate

Golden Fairy on Bird
7"   $14

White Fairy with Purple Dragon
9"   $36

Fairy Mermaid with Golden Fairies
Porcelain   24"  $38

6.5" - $14        8" - $18     9" -$22

Feng Shui Thought:

                 Fall has arrived in all her gorgeous colors here in New England!  It is the season ruled by the element of Metal... the air, the wind and Swords in the Tarot Deck. It's
 a good time to hang a windchime outside your main front entrance to your home to call in opportunities. It's also a good time to check if you have a backdoor in your Wealth Gua or Life area of your home, and if you do hang a windchime outside the back door to call your wealth back in. You can also hang a bamboo flute above the door inside the house to keep your wealth from leaving the house. Make sure you're hanging the wind chime outside the architectural Front entrance not the one you use most often! That could be your kitchen door!

 Related Books:

In this lovely and informative book, Carolyn White delves into one of the most intriguing aspects of Irish folklore, the otherworld of fairies. Whether you're a true believer or not, it's impossible not to be seduced by the details of their universe, as White covers everything from the central question of the numerous varieties of fairies to more detailed inquiries about what they eat, where they live, and what happens when a fairy and a mortal fall in love. This is the ultimate guide to the Wee People, from cluricauns and leprechauns, to Silkies, Banshees, and Pookas. Chapters include: Fairies and the Devil, Fairy Clothes and Appearance, Immortality of Fairies, and How to Provoke a Fairy. Filled with entertaining stories and interesting details, A History of Irish Fairies will delight any reader who has ever been curious about this whimsical facet of Irish culture.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


These inspiring  Spirit Dolls are handmade by local artist, Martha Haskins.
 I love each and every one of them! 

Mythic Forest Creations
Assemblage art Spirit Dolls

$32 each

Goddess of transformation.
She is associated with butterflies and is called upon in times of change and renewal.

"As an artist I have always been influenced by the natural world.  Spending much of my time in the woods as a child I was aware of the spirits in all the things that surrounded me, the trees, rocks, ponds and sky.  I have created these totem dolls with those spirits in mind.  To prepare myself to create them I will often go into the woods and open my heart. These dolls come out of this communing.  I start with an apple branch as the heart of the doll and allow the spirit to influence my choices of fabrics and fibers and often add hand painted wings. The reason I use apple branches is the association of the apple tree with the Faerie Realm. The apple tree is symbolic of feminine creation, and to me is one of the most magical of trees. I often will give them the names of ancient Celtic goddesses . I believe that in nature we find the most profound and deepest spirituality I and hope to give that gift to all who choose these totems."  
These magical figures are made from many found and fabric things, beads and shells. Each one is different and are individually inspired. I have tried to capture a bit of the many natural spirits that inhabit the New England woods and the domestic spirit of home and hearth. These Spirit Dolls make wonderful kitchen witches, Feng Shui companions, or shrine dolls."
                                                                              Martha Haskins


Goddess of hearth and home. It was believed that Brighid possessed an apple orchard in the otherworld where her bees would go to collect magical honey
Totem of the love of home.

Celtic goddess of healing arts and  herbal medicines. She is associated with family loyalty,, the  green gifts of earth and learning.
A totem of the healing power of the earth

Danu is a Celtic goddess of wisdom and abundance. She is associated with water and fertility. She represents enlightenment from the deepest wells of ourselves.

Goddess of the forests and wild creatures. It is believed that she inhabits the forests as a tree and that the birds land on her branches for protection.


This little Spirit Doll Evokes the magic and celebration of Mardi Gras. 
A Spirit Doll to remind us to relax, have fun, and explore the mysterious side of life!

Earth mother and Goddess of the harvest and magic pertaining to the earth. The turning of the leaves is a signal of her stirring.  
Totem of change.

Her name means silver wheel, she is 
The goddess of beauty, the moon and fertility
She is a shape shifter and is the mother
Aspect of the triple goddess.
A totem of fertile life and re-invention.


Feng Shui Thought:

In Feng Shui practice we often place objects to act as ' Home Protectors'. They are thought to energetically protect our homes whether we're at home or away. Sometimes if we're lucky, we may have protectors outside the house, particular trees, large bushes or other beings of the natural world that 'protect' us from negative chi (energy). If none are there we can plant something that grows perennially (not annual plants) or place objects outside our front entrance, or in the front yard with clear Feng Shui intention. 

Denise Linn

"Our homes are mirrors of ourselves. Through them we can interface with the universe."
Everything in the universe is composed of constantly changing energy, including your home and its contents. This energy can profoundly influence your ability to be healthy, loving, creative and abundant. By clearing and enhancing this energy you can transform your home into a sanctuary which radiates positive energy in ever-expanding circles.
In this fascinating and unusual book, Denise Linn shows you how you can dramatically change your life by changing the environment in your home or office. She combines information from her own Native American heritage with material she has personally collected from native traditions around the world to bring you practical, easy-to-use exercises for balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual energies in your home, including how to:
* Diagnose and solve problems with stagnant home energies.
* Use sacred sound, spirit smoke, mystic symbols and purifying fire for
clearing home energy.
* Discover the personal numerology of your home.
* Use the ancient art of Feng Shui for the placement of objects in your
* Call house angels and totems as home protectors.
* Use rituals to rid your home of unwanted spirits.
* Instantly uplift the energy in your home.
Your home can resonate, sing and pulse with Light energy that can touch the lives of everyone around you. Your home can become Sacred Space.

I was fortunate to attend a workshop with Denise Linn hosted by Amy Mims Director of the New England School of Feng Shui  in Southbury CT. It was called ' The making of Miracles'. it was truly inspiring and Life Changing! I say fortunate, because apparently she rarely teaches son the East Coast.

Tarot Inspiration:
These little Spirit Dolls can help to remind us of the spirit of Nature that is around us at all times. How many times a day do we consciously connect with the natural world? How many hours go by each day where we haven't even looked up to the sky to observe what shade of blue it is? Or how fast the clouds are moving or not seeming to move at all? When was the last time you stood in the woods alone, unobserved by other human beings and listen to the sounds of the forest? When was the last time you had an encounter with what you might have called a nature spirit? If it's been a long time, ask yourself why you are so busy, so preoccupied, that you have disconnected yourself from the inspiration and wisdom that is always available to us on this beautiful planet earth.... 
3 of Pentacles

"The angelic figure with rainbow-colored wings on this card represents the guide that each of us carries within. Like the second figure in the background, we may sometimes be a little reluctant to trust this guide when it comes to us, because we are so accustomed to taking our cues from the outside rather than from the inside. The truth of your own deepest being is trying to show you where to go right now, and when this card appears it means you can trust the inner guidance you are being given. It speaks in whispers, and sometimes we can hesitate, not knowing if we have understood rightly. But the indications are clear: in following the inner guide you will feel more whole, more integrated, as if you are moving outwards from the very center of your being. If you go with it, this beam of light will carry you exactly where you need to go."

Monday, September 3, 2012

Magical Boxes and Bottles

Purple Glass Box and Bottle
Box $28  Bottle $36

Vessels have been used throughout time to contain and to hold precious items: jewelry, trinkets, oils, keepsakes, herbs, coins, hair adornments, found objects, ashes, incense, beach shells... whatever we consider valuable, sentimental, useful or worthy of safe keeping.

Late Summer is ruled by the Element of Earth in 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine.
Earth is associated with vessels or containers.
Just as our Body is a vessel for our Life force  energy, or Chi, and contains our precious organs that govern our well -being and overall health, our homes are the vessels that contain our bodies and our physical belongings.

Feng Shui Thought:

If we consider what we put into our bodies for optimum health, wouldn't be also then want to consider what we put into our surroundings? Surrounding ourselves with inspiring, beautiful, and uplifting objects lifts our chi and outlook on life. If we are surrounded by too much clutter, negative imagery, old, worn out items or objects that we feeling nothing for or that actually depress our attitude or outlook, we may become lethargic, unhealthy, and unmotivated. 

Keeping things organized and contained will also allow the chi to move more easily through our homes. Boxes are a simply way of putting smaller items together so they are not scattered across our surfaces. Clean surfaces allow us to imagine the future and leave room for what may come next. Horizontal surfaces are symbolic of the horizon, when we can see a bit further it allows us to open up to new possibilities and invite inspiration into our lives!


Bronze collection trinket box 5"x 4" - $48
Goddess reclining with Butterfly

Crushed Gemstone wooden Buddha Box 4.5" x 3.5" x 1.5"
This is a very unusual painted box, the pigment is actually made from crushed gemstones!
Amethyst, Chalcedony, Carnelian Agate, Garnet, Red Aventurine, Red Jasper, Sodalite, Yellow Agate, Green Aventurine, Blued Stone -  $20

Painted Resin Mermaid Heart Shaped Box 
5" x 4" x 2"
This beautiful trinket or jewelry box is exquisitely painted with delicate ocean hues!


Paper 'Book' Box with Yellow Flowers - 8.5" x 6" x 2"
This old fashioned sturdy box can be placed on your book shelf  keeping your special letters, notes or personal writings safe and hidden from wandering eyes!  


Purple Ceramic Bottles 12"x 3.5"  - $16 each
Lovely Iridescent high gloss glaze gives these bottles a unique and mystical finish. 


American Collection reproduction Glass Bottles
Green - 16.5" x 4" - $24
Blue - 18" x 4" - $26
Amber - 14" x 6" - $22
These wonderful bottles are made with hand blown glass techniques. Tiny air bubbles set them apart from commercial glass, and give then a flair of times of the past. Set them by a window to truly appreciate their vibrant colors!

Earth Element

Once summer has reached its height, the year's cycle begins its inevitable decline into the season of late summer - the season of Earth.
 The work done on ourselves during the earlier part of our lives - the growth and strengthening of the body, cultivating meaningful relationships, challenging and developing the intellect, spiritual practice - all determine the quality of the harvest we reap - and what we have to share with others. 
. Physically and spiritually, this period of late summer is a time for slowing down and gathering in. It is a time when we recognize and hold the fruits of our labor.

Suggestions for living in harmony with the late summer season
  • Enjoy the abundance of fruits and fresh vegetables
    Be aware of their special qualities, each succulence different from the next. Carrots are crisp, cucumbers cool, tomatoes luscious, peaches sweet. Look at the seeds, and reflect on the fact that within each harvest lie the seeds of the next.
  • Be thoughtful of how you can nourish others.
    In this season when nature gives her bounty, we also rejoice in giving, with attention to the special needs of others. You need not wait until you can give a "great gift." A word, a courtesy, a thoughtfulness - given today - is a great gift.
  • Be conscious of the harvest of your life.
    Think about yourself, your relationships, and your work. What parts of your life are bearing fruit? Where is the harvest rich? Where do you find it stunted?
  • Consider what you need to do to make ready for the letting go of autumn.
    Holding your harvest in mind, ask what is overgrown or unneeded. What distracts you from your dearest concerns? What might you wish to simplify in yourself or in your life?

Tarot Inspiration: 

9 Pentacles (Rainbows)
When the fruit is ripe, it drops from the tree by itself. One moment it hangs by a thread from the branches of the tree, bursting with juice. The next moment it falls--not because it has been forced to fall, or has made the effort to jump, but because the tree has recognized its ripeness and simply let it go. When this card appears in a reading it indicates that you are ready to share your inner riches, your 'juice'. All you need to do is relax right where you are, and be willing for it to happen. This sharing of yourself, this expression of your creativity, can come in many ways--in your work, your relationships, your everyday life experiences. No special preparation or effort on your part is required. It is simply the right time.

When we are ready, (like the apple that has ripened on the tree and is ready to fall from it), all of what we have experienced previously prepares us for the next step. Earth season of late Summer asks us to be prepared to transition or transform during this cycle, so we may know more clearly what we may need to let go of or refine during Fall or the season of metal that begins on the Fall Equinox Sept 22, 2012 (Northern Hemisphere).

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fire Buddha

Fire Buddha

 Red and Gold Painted Resin 8" high with red candle $26

Here in New England, Summer has now given way to the fifth season in Chinese five element theory; Late Summer. You may have noticed the days are still hot and dry but there is a different flavor to the day. There is a deep stillness in the gardens, as if the perennial plants are concentrating on drawing the energy back in to their roots, preparing for the coming of fall in 4 weeks. Although things will continue to bloom and grow and some plants will just be beginning to express their full glory like the pumpkins, things will begin to energetically slow down as the Element of Earth prevails. 
Fire season (summer) for many is filled with activities; traveling, socializing, exploring, outdoor projects, gardening, swimming, and hopefully having fun! When we are in alignment with the energy of fire we are engaging in the aspects of our life the give us pleasure, the things we enjoy, what we love and what fill us with happiness and enthusiasm. If we are out of alignment with the element of Fire we may find ourselves experiencing little or no joy in anything, never take time for fun and frolic, and have lost touch with what gives us deep pleasure. This is an excellent transition time to examine our relationship to personal happiness and what aspects of our life are draining on our quality of life. The Earth Element is considered the 'Great Transformer'. Ask yourself during this time of transition, what can I change, reevaluate or remove from my life Physically, emotionally, and mentally, that decreases my joy and Spiritual well-being?
This lovely Fire Buddha may help to remind you to stay connected to all the things that feed your soul, and keep your fire element strong and present in your life all year long!

Feng Shui Thought:

When we practice Feng Shui in our yards and in the exteriors of our homes we develop a direct connection to the 8 compass directions. North, South, East, West, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast and Northeast. Working directly with these natural energies of the earth and the heavens is a really powerful experience. I have spent a lot of time this summer fine tuning the Feng Shui of my yard and I'm happy to report that I have taken things to a new level! There's always more to do, and that's why practicing Feng Shui is so much fun because you're never completely 'finished'. There is always something more you can do to improve ,enhance and refine.
The image above is a beautiful metal sun that I have attached to the side of my garden shed. My shed in located in the south side (Fame and reputation area of the Bagua) of my yard that has a row of tall trees that is are very pretty, give some privacy, and act as a boundary for my yard from my neighbors, however, they  happen to block the sun for the most part on that side of the house which makes it shady almost all day. There's more light in the winter when the leaves are off, but in the summer when the Fire energy of the South is supposed to be strong it's the shadiest part of my yard! 
This is challenging from a Feng Shui perspective, so to bring in the consistent energy of Fire all year long, I hung this beautiful golden sun on the side of the shed facing the road which acts as a Feng Shui adjustment for the lack of sun). In this placement I can see it all the time. Whenever I look at it it makes me smile because it reminds me of the hot sun we experience in the summer, gardening, going to the beach and all the things I love about the summer season.
What's going on in the South Area of your yard? Does it express the energy of Fire? If not what could you do to adjust it? Remember, it's about aligning with more joy happiness and enthusiasm in your life, not to mention Love!

Tarot Inspiration:

3 of Wands - Fire

The three of wands  reminds us that life is to be experienced, not just analyzed or run through our feeling or emotional body. So much of our human day to day experience is about the mind and the emotions, that we may forget to please the physical. Excellent nourishing food, enjoyable physical activity, being with those we love, expressing ourselves though activities we feel passionate about all help to connect us to the spiritual aspects of our lives, and help to raise our personal chi or life force energy. Energy is all around us all the time, both positive and negative. Aligning with positive energy will enhance our well being and allow us to take the action we need to increase the  life force that runs through our physical bodies, the result? More physical chi, a positive life outlook and a happier disposition! Now that sounds like the element of Fire!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha

'The Blue Buddha' Bronze Collection $38

Do You Have A Medicine Buddha in Your Home?

How to use the Medicine Buddha symbol for good feng shui

The energy of the Medicine Buddha is different from the energy ofKwan Yin, for example, or from the Laughing Buddha. In its essence, the Buddha energy is one - the energy of Light - but there are different paths to reach it.

The Medicine Buddha is, as the name implies, the Healing Buddha. In the traditional paintings (Tibetan thangkas) he is surrounded by various herbs and medicine, with halos of healing energy radiating from his head and body. As Medicine Buddha's vow was to help heal all the sick and the injured, he is often called upon to help eliminate sickness.

Usually portrayed seated with a jar of medicine in his left hand, often blue-colored, the Medicine Buddha's right hand is resting on his knee in the mudra of blessings, with a stem of a healing plant in between his thumb and forefinger.

Sometimes the Medicine Buddha is also called the Blue Buddha, or the Lapis Lazuli Light Buddha. According to the legend, he transformed himself into a radiant blue light Buddha at a large gathering of people, and taught/transmitted the knowledge of healing and medicine. Thus, he is often depicted with blue skin, or holding a blue medicine jar.

The Medicine Buddha mantra has powerful vibrations for healing, both mind and body healing. (The most beautiful Medicine Buddha mantra I found, and the one I loved for a long time without knowing yet what it is, is sung by Deva Premal, listen to her "Teyata".)

1.      Energy of Spiritual Health & Awareness. The Center of your home, the Spiritual Growth & Personal Cultivation bagua area (Northeast) (Knowledge Gua), as well as your personal altar, can also much benefit from the presence of the Medicine Buddha. As all illness ultimately originates in the mind with the so-called three poisons (attachment, hatred and ignorance), it is good to have the Medicine Buddha energy on guard. 

The Spirit of Healing: Stories, Wisdom, and Practices from Native America [Audiobook] [Audio CD]

The Spirit of Healing: Stories, Wisdom, and Practices from Native America

My friend Julie Plummer, lent me this audio learning set. Simply put; it changed my life. Julie works closely with Dr. Lewis Mehl Madrona as he is her referring Psychiatrist for her work with TMS. He has recently moved to Brattleboro, Vermont so I have had the opportunity to speak with him in person. I have learned that the power of our personal stories, our families stories, our communities stories, our ancestors stories and the stories we tell ourselves over and over that effect our sense of health and wellbeing directly. What is the name of your story? Is it keeping you from creating a more empowering story? What will you future story be?

Click here to see a full list of his Coyote Medicine books

 Feng Shui Thought:

In the center of the Feng Shui Bagua Map is the ‘Health Center’ It is represented by the Yin Yang or Tai Chi symbol:

 It represents Health on every Level Physical, emotional, Mental, Spiritual If you are having health issues you may want to correctly locate the Health area of your home and access what is there. A cluttered closet? A bathroom? A woodstove? A stairway? Diagnosing the health of your Health Gua, may help to diagnose your personal health challenges. If your apart,ment or house is irregularly shaped you may need to consult a professional Feng Shui consultant .

Tarot Inspiration:
Major Arcana XIV –
Integration (Temperance)

The coming together of opposites, the fusion of Yin and Yang, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, harmony, the center point of balance. The Major Arcana cards teaches us the Universal principles, Integrity, Trust, Compassion, Intention. As with all tarot cards, they have their positive aspects and shadow aspects, they remind us we always have a choice… choices that will ultimately affect the bigger picture of our lives. Temperance teaches us awareness of our personal responsibility to balance our expression of well-being on all levels, Physical, Emotional, and Mental. When we strive for balance and harmony on a personal level it effects humanity on a larger level and the quality of our interaction with others. What aspects of your Health are out of balance? What  choices can you make or actions can you take to heal them?