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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fire Buddha

Fire Buddha

 Red and Gold Painted Resin 8" high with red candle $26

Here in New England, Summer has now given way to the fifth season in Chinese five element theory; Late Summer. You may have noticed the days are still hot and dry but there is a different flavor to the day. There is a deep stillness in the gardens, as if the perennial plants are concentrating on drawing the energy back in to their roots, preparing for the coming of fall in 4 weeks. Although things will continue to bloom and grow and some plants will just be beginning to express their full glory like the pumpkins, things will begin to energetically slow down as the Element of Earth prevails. 
Fire season (summer) for many is filled with activities; traveling, socializing, exploring, outdoor projects, gardening, swimming, and hopefully having fun! When we are in alignment with the energy of fire we are engaging in the aspects of our life the give us pleasure, the things we enjoy, what we love and what fill us with happiness and enthusiasm. If we are out of alignment with the element of Fire we may find ourselves experiencing little or no joy in anything, never take time for fun and frolic, and have lost touch with what gives us deep pleasure. This is an excellent transition time to examine our relationship to personal happiness and what aspects of our life are draining on our quality of life. The Earth Element is considered the 'Great Transformer'. Ask yourself during this time of transition, what can I change, reevaluate or remove from my life Physically, emotionally, and mentally, that decreases my joy and Spiritual well-being?
This lovely Fire Buddha may help to remind you to stay connected to all the things that feed your soul, and keep your fire element strong and present in your life all year long!

Feng Shui Thought:

When we practice Feng Shui in our yards and in the exteriors of our homes we develop a direct connection to the 8 compass directions. North, South, East, West, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast and Northeast. Working directly with these natural energies of the earth and the heavens is a really powerful experience. I have spent a lot of time this summer fine tuning the Feng Shui of my yard and I'm happy to report that I have taken things to a new level! There's always more to do, and that's why practicing Feng Shui is so much fun because you're never completely 'finished'. There is always something more you can do to improve ,enhance and refine.
The image above is a beautiful metal sun that I have attached to the side of my garden shed. My shed in located in the south side (Fame and reputation area of the Bagua) of my yard that has a row of tall trees that is are very pretty, give some privacy, and act as a boundary for my yard from my neighbors, however, they  happen to block the sun for the most part on that side of the house which makes it shady almost all day. There's more light in the winter when the leaves are off, but in the summer when the Fire energy of the South is supposed to be strong it's the shadiest part of my yard! 
This is challenging from a Feng Shui perspective, so to bring in the consistent energy of Fire all year long, I hung this beautiful golden sun on the side of the shed facing the road which acts as a Feng Shui adjustment for the lack of sun). In this placement I can see it all the time. Whenever I look at it it makes me smile because it reminds me of the hot sun we experience in the summer, gardening, going to the beach and all the things I love about the summer season.
What's going on in the South Area of your yard? Does it express the energy of Fire? If not what could you do to adjust it? Remember, it's about aligning with more joy happiness and enthusiasm in your life, not to mention Love!

Tarot Inspiration:

3 of Wands - Fire

The three of wands  reminds us that life is to be experienced, not just analyzed or run through our feeling or emotional body. So much of our human day to day experience is about the mind and the emotions, that we may forget to please the physical. Excellent nourishing food, enjoyable physical activity, being with those we love, expressing ourselves though activities we feel passionate about all help to connect us to the spiritual aspects of our lives, and help to raise our personal chi or life force energy. Energy is all around us all the time, both positive and negative. Aligning with positive energy will enhance our well being and allow us to take the action we need to increase the  life force that runs through our physical bodies, the result? More physical chi, a positive life outlook and a happier disposition! Now that sounds like the element of Fire!

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