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Monday, August 20, 2012

Protection Buddha

Protection Buddha

                   Green and Gold Painted Resin  13" high  $38

I find it fascinating that the message of the Protection Buddha is for us to become courageous or to overcome fear. You might think that the idea behind placing the Protection Buddha in your home is like placing a vicious dog, something that will do the job for us so that we can feel safe. Something outside ourselves that will scare away all bad things that intents to harm us. Hence the dictionary definition of protection:

pro·tec·tion [pruh-tek-shuhn] 

1.the act of protecting or the state of being protected; preservation from injury or harm.

This Buddha is suggesting something quite different. The possibility that we may feel 'safe' by practicing fearlessness is something that is created from within ourselves rather than something external that is separate from us. This is actually quite inspiring, because it suggests that we all have the natural potential to develop this ability . When we feel centered, peaceful and confident we can handle most challenges that come our way. It is when the emotion of fear overwhelms us that we feel paralyzed, vulnerable and at risk of harm. Next time you are  in a situation that evokes fear try to center yourself and find the solution from a calmer place within your heart and mind.

The Hand gestures that define the Protection Buddha

 "One of the most popular Buddha hand gestures called Abhaya Mudra, the energy of No Fear. 

What is Abhaya Mudra?Abhaya is translated from Sanskrit as fearlessness. The Abhaya mudra is made with the open palm of the right hand extending outwards at the chest level or slightly higher. If you look at this Buddha hand gesture, or mudra, you will also feel the energy of protection, peace and a sense of strong, deep inner security.
What is the best feng shui placement for the Abhaya Mudra Buddha?
·         The main entrance of your home or the living room."

Feng Shui Thought:

When we are creating environments that support us elementally and become up-lifting rather than depleting, it becomes easier to work through life's challenges. Being conscious about the physical possessions we surround ourselves with on a daily basis and how their energy affects us ( raises our chi or lowers our chi), will help us to make decisions in regards to what we keep, give away or throw away. Where did it come from? Who gave it to us? Do we love it hate it, feel nothing one way or the other? If we have a sense of removal from what surrounds us it will be more difficult to achieve an optimum state of well-being.
 Statuary, like the Buddha's are just an example of how to create more meaning in what we look at everyday. Just for fun, take energetic inventory of what you have in your bedroom, ask yourself if you, love it, hate it, use it, or don't really care about it. These are what surround you for hours and hours at a time while you are sleeping. Like the result? No? Than change it up and raise your personal chi!

Tarot Insight:
                           Ten of Cups - Water 

The cups are one of four suits of the Minor Arcana, ruled by water and emotions. 
The suits rule the qualities of being human.
The 10 cards are re-evaluation cards asking us to reconsider our position to the emotions.
Anger, Fear, disappointment, grief.... How long have they remained within us? 
How many hours have they robbed us of our peace of mind?
What could be the result if we were to release them? 

"The experience of resting in the heart in meditation is not something that can be grasped or forced. It comes naturally, as we grow more and more in tune with the rhythms of our own inner silences. The figure on this card reflects the sweetness and delicacy of this experience. The dolphins that emerge from the heart and make an arc towards the third eye reflect the playfulness and intelligence that comes when we are able to connect with the heart and move into the world from there. Let yourself be softer and more receptive now, because an inexpressible joy is waiting for you just around the corner. Nobody else can point it out to you, and when you find it you won't be able to find the words to express it to others. But it's there, deep within your heart, ripe and ready to be discovered"

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