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Monday, January 21, 2013

BEAUTIFUL THINGS...more Buddhas, Jewelry Scarves, Tarot Cards etc.

A Visual Tour of Silver Moon Adornments

Magical Things!

I realize it's been a while since my last post, but there has been so much going over the last few months! The end of September through the Beginning of December; 

  • The 'Silver Moon School of Feng Shui' Certificate Program is in session,
  •  then it's the holiday season, with lots of extra retail activity 
  • and I've just finished with Classes for the Fall-Winter Term ending with the grand Finale... 
  • 2013 Year of the Snake Chinese New Year annual workshop! It was really fun, full class with 12 fantastic participants, great food, Festive 9 Red envelope exchange (turned to be very profound!), my original playlist just for the occasion - a modern groove of Chinese music, and lively discussion of the impact the Dragon Year had on us all and thoughts about what may be ahead for the Year of the Snake!
  • February will be correcting Final Exams and Final Projects for the Level 1 graduating students
  • and in March Spring Classes Begin Starting with FSCP Level 2&3, and 'Creating and Developing your Feng Shui Business' (see website for more up-coming Info!)
  • The Feng Shui Community Service Project Group will be meeting this week to Feng Shui the office of 'The Commons' an excellent Free Local newspaper. This group offers opportunities for any business, or organization that serves the community in a positive way to be considered for a free Feng Shui Consultation.   
So THANKS everyone for you patience with me I want to say how much I've enjoyed connecting with many of you regarding inquiries about featured merchandise or giving me such great Feedback on my Feng Shui Info and Tarot Insights!

So I've decided to do something a little different this time... I'm giving you a Tour of a variety of 

BEAUTIFUL THINGS that you'll find if you were to walk through Silver Moon Adornments... here we go!

Black Jewelry Scarf $27

 Buddha Head $38

1000 arm Buddha  $115

Detail 1000 arm Buddha - Exquisite!

 Ceramic Buddha wall Plaque $38

Double Rainbows dancing on wall of Tarot Room from
Crystal Window Prisms!

 Essential Oils, Gem Scents, Incense Burners, Candles

 Capri Shell Wind chimes with Chinese Coins and Mirrors $26

 Pure Incense Resins $5.95

 Incense and Owl Bookends

 Jewelry Scarf  $27

Spectrolite Pendant $42

 Jewelry Scarf  $27

 Jewelry Scarf $27

 Incense, Brass Bells, votive candles

 Lakshmi - Goddess of Prosperity $42

 Jewelry Scarves  $27

 No Fear - Protection Buddha  $38

 Porcelain Mermaid Fairy $38

Tarot Decks and Oracle Cards 

Tarot Reading Room

 Red Buddha  $42

Standing Red and Gold Thai Buddha

 Thai Meditation Buddha $34

White Tara

 Mermaid $42

 Prosperity Frog $6.50

 Stained Glass Art

 I hope you all enjoyed that! 
Next time I'll be featuring my new collection 
of Beautiful Crystal Window Prisms that were responsible for those fantastic Rainbows on the wall! 
Many Blessings to you all!

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